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I’m a creative mind and expert in Stage Performance, Personality Training, Creative Branding and Media Training with over 15 years experience of supporting individuals and groups in their professional development. 

Ever since I was curious to find out more about human motivations, emotions, forms of expressions and interactions. My background in music, acting, teaching and entrepreneurship offers a wide range and interconnected understanding for people and products of various sectors. 

As a musician in the classical field I was lucky enough to win a couple of national and international competitions, as a soloist and also with my musical friends. As an actress I was seen in movies, series and commercials on German TV (ARD, ZDF, ARTE), as well as in the popular first German Sitcom 'Die bei DEA'. 

Living and studying in New York City changed my life forever. The diversity of people and cultures, the unique entrepreneurial spirit and the overall encouragement fascinated and inspired me. 

Back in Europe my passion was to cross bridges between arts, business and science. So I did

by co-founding a pioneer filmacting and singing studio in Hamburg, Germany. 

While being involved in a research about Career Development in Higher Music Education I figured out, that working creatively is the essence of everything I did, of what I'm still doing and of what I want to do in the future. Currently we are in the process of launching creACTivity lab. News coming up soon! 

My focus is on a holistic and innovative approach of teaching, performing and entrepreneurship that makes transition, change and transformation possible. I strive to empower others in believing in their dreams while trusting in their creative potential and intuition.

My Motto: ‘Be yourself – everyone else is already taken’. Oscar Wilde