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positive . open-minded . honest . sensitive . intuitive . calm . curious . decided . dedicated

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Katrin’s classes were fun, informative and engaging.Personally, I benefited so much from Katrin’s workshops, as she took each subject that we covered very seriously and professionally. In some of the one-to-one classes I had with her, we dissected each of my obstacles in a variety of ways. She was very helpful in tailoring exactly to my individual needs, which often led me to discover new perspectives on some of the issues I had. I can only highly praise and recommend Katrin’s teaching.

Ruta L., violinist, Manchester

Ich kann die Beratung von Katrin sehr empfehlen - sie hört sehr genau zu und hilft einem, seine eigene Stimme zu finden. Die Besprechung mit ihr war eine Anregung zum weiteren Nachdenken und Überlegen. Sie hat ein sehr offenes Ohr und man fühlt sich sehr angenehm bei der Besprechung. Auf jeden Fall sehr empfehlenswert!

Adela L., pianist,
Vienna / Bucharest

As a conductor in the last stage of my artistic training I have been facing the common question: “What is next after school?”  Seeking answers for this question I met Katrin Ciulian. Masterfully – guiding me to find my own answers - she made me realize already in the first session what my skills, and strongest (and weakest) points, that make me unique as an artist are. She also reinforced in me the importance of being in a network and being active in the artistic community and the idea that there isn’t only one path to a music career.

German G., conductor
Vienna / Madrid

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I was attending the Artists Development Workshop as an Erasmus Student, lectured by Katrin Ciulian. I found the exercises broadening the way of thinking and motivating to further development of different parts of the artistic personality. During the course, we were coached on how to go beyond our boundaries. Thanks to Katrin, I feel more aware of my capabilities and characteristics now. The workshop definitely met my expectations.

Piotr K., pianist, 

Katrin ist eine wirklich angenehme, inspirierende und offene Person. Die one-to-one-session mit ihr war irrsinnig wertvoll für mich sowie motivierend, wodurch ich einen Anstoß bekam, Vertrauen in mich und meine nächsten Schritte zu haben. Außerdem wurde mir innerhalb kurzer Zeit bewusst, wo ich gerade stehe und in welche Richtung ich gehen möchte.

Benjamin J., student

In the Artists Development Workshop I learned the importance of having your own, unique voice and got encouraged to find it, listen to it and follow it. Working with Katrin was an inspiring process- she is positive, relaxed and a patient person. I've also learned why not to settle for the less, and why to keep following my vision and work on my goals, even if it doesn't seem to be the safest way. In the end this workshop inspired me to finally turn the thoughts into action, and make a concrete step forward to my vision of a meaningful, fulfilling artistic career.

Katarina A., pianist
Vienna / Belgrad

References: Testimonials
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